Why People Are Ignoring Your Booth Signage: 5 Reasons

Booth signage can be tricky, but it is also one of the most crucial elements of the trade show experience. This is why brand strategists and business owners should take design factors into consideration carefully. Many make the mistake of putting too much on with the goal of showcasing all of their services, while others put in too little that customers don’t know what they’re about.

Have you ever wondered why some booth signages seem to be getting all the love and some don’t even get a half-second pause? There might be something wrong with your design, location, or presentation. Here are five reasons why people have been skipping your booth despite the free treats.

Your colors are clashing.

Colors fighting for supremacy is never a good thing for any exhibit or any ad, ever. At a trade show, do not be that overly flamboyant display that screams neons and bright yellows and reds from the other end of the hall. Nobody wants their brand to appear clownish to their potential market. You want to position your brand in a way that professional and sophisticated, as this gives off an air of reliability and stability. When competing for the attention of a market that does not know you yet, you definitely want to make a good first impression.

Your text is unreadable.

Your goal is to get people to notice you and understand what your message is. Neither is going to happen if they can’t read what you’re saying in the first place. In an hall full of exhibitors and fluid traffic, if people cannot read your text, they will not bother to stop. Make sure you use bold and simple fonts that are also big enough to be read from several feet away. This is so that as people approach your direction, they already start reading what you have to say. If your booth does not hook them at this distance, there’s a huge change they will just pass you by.

There are too many words.

Nobody really enjoys being with people who talk too much. Such as the same for your over-texted exhibit booth. Sure, your intentions are noble. You want people to know as much about your brand as possible in one go. However, advertising doesn’t work that way and people are not naturally wired to absorb everything they see. Huge blocks of text are also intimidating to those passing by. The goal is to get them to stop and want to know about your company AT A GLANCE. They are not really interested in how the company came to me since the 1990s.

The images are ugly.

Another reason people are steering clear of your booth is because your images look awful. These include inappropriately-sized photos, pixelized prints, or just really badly taken pictures. Photos say a lot about the kind of company you are. They reflect your brand, your projects, and your general behavior as entrepreneur. Poor photos on exhibit booths give off the impression that you don’t place a high value of quality and that you’re satisfied with half-baked work.

Your message or contact details are in a strange location.

So all the elements are there but, still, people aren’t reaching out. Why? They might not know how. Place the most important text and calls to action high above (ideally at eye level) to make sure the message is delivered loud and clear. If your booth is 8 feet tall, position the majority of your words 2 to 3 feet from the top of the booth’s signage so people can easily spot it.

Your exhibit booth’s signage matters not just for navigational purposes but also for branding. When you’re at an exhibition hall, your goal is to introduce your company and to generate new clients. Give attendees a reason to stop at your booth and want to get to know you more. Not everybody falls for the free snacks or drinks (and even those don’t always translate to a sale).

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