Wall Murals: How They Can Benefit Your Business

There are many different ways to make your business stand out from the competition. From posters to billboards to vehicle wraps, the name of the game is to be unique so people will take notice. One of these techniques involves an in-your-face approach to promoting your products and services — literally. We’re talking about wall murals.

What Wall Murals Are & What They’re For

See those large printed graphics on the subway, the building’s outdoor wall or the hallway? Wall murals are designed to make you pause and take a second look. They are eye-catching and send a message boldly. Some of these can be found in exterior locations while others are displayed indoors, like inside malls or high-traffic lobbies.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, enterpreneurs are seeing the impact of wall murals on the ROI. Large format ads loudly announcing a brand creates better customer recall. That’s especially true with well-made designs, like a photo of a big fat juicy burger to promote a deli. The point is to make people stare and then talk about it as they leave (and even days and weeks after). Positioned externally, these murals can even become a well-known landmark in the community (and everybody will be referring to it).

In short, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a small business, murals will help make the announcement to the community. If you’re an institution, they can help by livening up your interiors and setting the mood. Any competitive business that wants to show off and stand out will do well to include this type of advertising to its mix.

Many Ways To Use Wall Murals

There are plenty of ways to go for wall murals. Here are some of them.

1. Showcase and display your brand – Take beautiful photos of your product and place the mural on your storefront

2. Inform your clients – A wall that shows your company’s history and highlights the people and milestones that brought your brand to success will do well for your lobby or reception area

3. Build ambience – Murals can help create your preferred setting so customers will feel more comfortable. Do you own a pre-school? A mural of cute animals of different colors might work.

4. Boost your image – A mural helps to cover up unattractive parts of your business. Do you have a wall that’s seen better days? Here’s your quick and easy fix.

When it comes to choosing the right wall murals for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals who know how to do things right. Because of the sheer size of this type of advertisement, a wrong one could easily break your business. Get in touch with our team at Expose Yourself USA so we can help you create the best design and location options for your needs.

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