The Latest Trends Designed To Help Promote Your Business

Branding was once a domain attributed only to big businesses that had large budgets reserved for advertising. But today, even startups and small businesses can employ various marketing techniques to help engage their audience and get their message across to the masses. With the growing influence of branding in the digital marketplace, not being in tune with all the latest techniques and tactics of digital marketing will mean that you are leaving money on the table. The following are some tips that will help you avoid the possibility of losing out to the competition just because of your dismal marketing strategy.

A More Personal Approach

online-marketing-fort-lauderdaleIn a competitive business ecosystem where the consumer has more choice than they’ve ever had, businesses need to take on a more personal approach to how they market their brand to the consumer. Marketing automation management tools have become easily accessible for many businesses regardless of their size or industry, which has enabled businesses to gain an insight on the various ways they can be more effective with their marketing strategy. But, what lacks in an automation software for marketing is it does not have that personal touch that a consumer looks for in marketing collateral. But, businesses can make up for it by having a more personal relationship with their clients. One of the most efficient ways of doing that is by increasing the number of one-on-one interactions a business has with their customers. This means more face-time, more one-on-one personal chats, and more emails that are personalized according to the customer and don’t sound generic. Businesses can also send their most loyal customers a handwritten note just as a ‘thank you’ for their support and loyalty. The reward will be the continuing support and business of your clients.

A Seamless Mobile Experience

There is a clear distinction between advertising on mobile devices and other platforms, mainly because mobile devices are considered to be a personal channel and is, thus, a focal point for the decision-making process of a consumer. Also, mobile advertising is contextual and location based and is integrated with powerful payment channels. While there is always room for improvement, creating a more seamless mobile experience for the consumer will have a significant impact on a brand’s bottom line.

Using Influencers

We have seen a lot of this in the past, and the trend seems to be growing. Using influencers such as bloggers is an extremely effective way of winning over more customers. Why? The simple answer is, “game recognizes game.” In other words, consumers are more likely to gravitate towards those businesses that are reviewed and liked by other people it-is-marketingwho are considered authorities in a particular market niche. While you have to provide an outstanding product or service to your customer for them to come back, using a respected influencer will help get more feet through the door. This is why influencer marketing is going to play a major role in marketing strategies of 2017.

Live Events

It’s no secret that live streaming is not going anywhere. In fact, it is going to get bigger in the coming years. This is because it is an effective way of advertising that connects and engages the customer at a personal level. Consumers feel more relaxed, interacting with another human being, rather than having to read through emails and product descriptions. More and more companies are going to use streaming media for product launches and Q&A sessions, where they will get to connect with their consumers who want to find out more about the products. Organizing live events is also a great way for customers to get to know your business and vice versa. This will ultimately help build trust towards your business and enjoy further growth of your company.

Be Authentic

When it comes to brand message, nothing beats being authentic. This is the reason why more businesses are looking to capitalize on authentic storytelling to promote their business and make a connection with their audience. We see this all the time, whenever a bank ad tells of how it helped a local business grow by giving it a loan, or when a business tells us about how their services helped increase the sales of another business. While a business needs to be authentic when writing down its company’s mission and vision, it also needs to connect with its customers by sharing stories and creating a committed fan base of loyal customers.

Embrace Digital Marketing

Regardless of their size, a business cannot afford to not have a digital marketing strategy in 2017. We keep thinking that the numbers of digital marketing will start to slide, but it doesn’t, mainly because the internet and digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc. have become the go-to place for people to get their information on all the latest product updates and on what’s trending in the market. Also, within the social network, marketers are able to target particular demographics with greater precision, ensuring better reach in customer demographics that matter, which consequently leads to more sales. Now that businesses can opt into the Facebook Audience Network, they can significantly increase their ad viewership, even beyond the social FB audience.

Big Data

digital-marketing-onlineUsing Big Data for marketing needs does not have to be a scary process. In fact, it has become a lot easier over the past few years. Now, businesses can leverage important customer data, combined with publicly available census data to get better market insight. Also, studying the data about one’s own business can reveal which marketing campaigns are more fruitful.

Ending Note

It is the desire of every business to be everywhere – when it comes to marketing at least! But being everywhere could also be worse than being nowhere if you haven’t planned your marketing strategy from the get-go. To make sure your marketing strategy doesn’t miss the mark, you will need to ask yourself three important questions: Who are you? What do you do? And why are you doing it? Without truly understanding these three questions, any business will be lost in the maze of marketing tactics and freebie competitions with other big brands. By answering these three questions, you will also narrow down your market niche and will truly be everywhere that matters while marketing your business.

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