The Benefits Of Going Big With Building Wraps

With online marketing and social media taking up a huge chunk of the advertising market, it’s no surprise that many business have taken these routes to promote their brand. However, there still remains a large volume of potential market value in the more traditional forms of advertising. In this day and age of the Internet, when things go viral, classic ads level up by going big. That’s where building wraps come in.

Going Big

Building wraps are often the ad of choice by many large corporations and are an evolved version of billboards. Compared to a video advertisement, a massive and bold statement plastered on the side of a building makes a bigger impact when done right. Building wraps do not just provide aesthetic value for the rest of the city, but they can also be used in a practical way — to hide unfinished construction projects or to create a public teaser while the actual store is still in the works.

The Growing Building Wrap Market

Because of the cost of producing and installing building wraps, it used to be affordable only to major companies. However, as the resources and technology become more readily accessible, more and more retail stores and small businesses are getting into the trend, as well. Usually, building wraps are positioned near a shop’s location to serve as a reminder to come over and buy something. In metropolitan areas, it’s common to see buildings and shopping centers “clothed” with images of models, perfumes, bags, gadgets and other accessories.

Apartments and businesses with rental spaces can also utilize building wraps to announce vacancies. This works great because people who are looking to set up in a certain location will most likely be driving around and looking for potential spaces. This clear (and super big) call to action, plus a picture of the location, will attract your possible tenant to schedule an appointment.

Another efficient use of a building wrap is to make an announcement for a concert, a trade show or any event happening in the next weeks or months. Remember that not everyone regularly checks the Internet or reads the paper, so this in-your-face method of telling the public that something big’s coming up helps you reach a much wider local market. The organizers of the Super Bowl does this, so does the NBA.

Building owners can also benefit from large format banners and wraps. They can have a side or two of their property available for rent to other businesses that would like to advertise, much like billboard spaces.

Large Banners, Large Market

The enormous size of building wraps is equivalent to its market reach. Because they are displayed in plain sight, your ads will create a habit for people who pass by that route and see your banners every day. These types of ads are also non-exclusive. Meaning, they don’t distinguish genders, race or nationality. While some ads, like gadgets, might appeal to a younger demographic, building wraps still has a bigger chance of getting a second look and generating interest compared to the smaller forms of advertising.

Overall, while building wraps do not really go viral like Internet ads, they remain a powerful form of marketing, not just for attracting sales but also for building awareness and a reputation. If you’re interested in building wraps and want to know more about how they can help your business grow, get in touch with us at Expose Yourself USA.

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