The Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

What is meant by commercial vehicle wrap?

A commercial vehicle wrap is a term used to represent any vehicle graphic that is being used as part of a business’ marketing, promotion and/or advertising objectives. Commercial vehicle wraps prove to be an effective business promotion strategy, as they combine the key elements of marketing and branding into one convenient and proven solution. Another benefit, which adds to the mix, is that vehicle wraps are high impact, cost effective and they work for almost all types of businesses.

What is vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wraps are, in essence, the Art and Science of transforming your car, van or truck into a Mobile Billboard. Vehicle wrapping is covering the whole or part of the vehicle’s bodywork in a digitally printed vinyl wrap, transforming the look of your vehicle into a head-turning piece of art. In simple words, vehicle wrapping is wrapping a vehicle with the special designs or ads of a company.

Vehicle wrapping has become red hot for business promotion, and the chief reasons according to industry experts are affordability and effectiveness. Many big brands like – Coca-Cola, Lycos Sports, Proctor & Gamble etc. are using commercial vehicle wraps for business promotion and are quite successful in reaching their target audience.

Benefits of vehicle wrapping

  • Fleet Graphics provide low-cost recurring advertising
  • Car Wraps can boost a company’s branding and strengthen its identity
  • They reach a wider audience than traditional newspaper and TV advertising
  • They create a custom concept that visually speaks to the targeted audience
  • They offer exclusivity; i.e. you don’t share space with other advertisers as you would in a promotional mailer or on billboards with ads that rotate
  • They increase consumer awareness of your company’s brand, product, and services
  • They create a powerful “referral” effect
  • They’re easy to customize graphics according to targeted demographics
  • They protect a vehicle’s finish and can be easily removed at any time

To marketing managers, cost effectiveness is turning out to be an important task in the current situation. Most of the marketing managers are thinking whether investing in a marketing strategy will bring about some best possible returns. Advertising is an area, which can spiral out the costs suddenly to several thousands of dollars. Of the most different advertisement methods, television advertising is turning out to be the higher cost and therefore most marketing managers are keeping themselves away from this type of advertising.

The objective behind any advertising campaign is to communicate about a service or product to the intended audience. Marketing managers of organizations strive hard to popularize their product or service in such a way that it can be noticed by the intended audience as against the product or service of the competitors. Of the different marketing techniques, the best option available for marketing managers is vehicle livery.

They also have the option of vehicle graphics wraps, wherein the vehicles of their organization can be completely or partially covered with colorful images. Wraps are carried out on vehicles through large sheets of printed material in which the product name or brand name of the company can be printed. A study reveals that an average vehicle driver spends a minimum of one month each year on his vehicle and the study also says that a vehicle is viewed by 3000 people each day and the cost per sighting for the advertiser in this form of advertisement can be as less as four pence.

In addition to cost benefit, another important benefit of vehicle livery is its longevity as compared to any other type of advertisement like print advertising and television or radio advertising, which is generally short-term in nature. A vehicle graphic wrap can last up to five years thereby making it as the cost-effective method of marketing. In short, vehicles in a company can act as moving billboards under this method of marketing. This method of advertising can enable the marketing managers to keep close track of the advertising budget of their organization and this form of advertising can act as a one-time investment rather than any other methods of advertising.

There are specialist companies offering the service of vehicle wraps and livery and these companies are offering different forms of wraps like digitally printed vinyl wraps, 3M wrap color changes, etc… Before selecting such a service provider, companies looking for vehicle wrapping services can view the previous works of specialist wrappers.

Vehicle wrapping is a technique that brings a completely new look to your vehicle or vehicles. Get the best value and industry best 10-year warranty on vinyl vehicle wraps at Expose Yourself USA. It is an extra method of promotion for your business or company! For more details visit our vehicle wrap section and inquire today! Call (954) 935-5990 to speak to an Expose Yourself USA Vehicle Wrap Expert today!

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