South Florida Wall Murals – Benefits Of Corporate Wall Murals

Corporate wall murals have been getting lots of attention from both large companies and start-up businesses lately because of the many benefits they bring. More than an advertising tool, which is evident, decorated walls are largely responsible for creating a productive office environment. With the right atmosphere and interiors, wall murals can change your clients’ perspective of your brand and effectively boost employee output.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii, headed by Kalyan Meola, found that employee behavior is largely influenced by the type of environment they have. Visual tools have a major impact of moods, attitudes and productivity levels. Specifically, colors play a key role in conditioning the mind. Thus, their psychological effect is an important consideration when deciding on the type of corporate wall mural for your space.

Our team of design experts at Expose Yourself USA understand the psychology of colors and art — and how they influence your brand. Our vast experience assisting big and small companies in South Florida to achieve the right temperature and ambience for their spaces have helped a lot in boosting staff morale and productivity. They also played a major role in converting simple inquiries into actual sales.

Corporate wall murals offer plenty of benefits for business. First, they are a great way to express your company’s mission, vision, core values and more in full view of every person who steps into your office. Displaying your brand’s operating mantra will remind your staff of the true reason why they are doing what they’re doing. Thus, before deciding on your corporate wall mural, take the time to discuss your goals with your designer so everything is captured and communicated correctly. Soon enough, you’ll be seeing your walls “living and breathing” your brand’s identity.

Second, wall murals are fun. By incorporating elements and colors that make people happy, so do you create an ambience that fosters positive thinking. Use large images of staff with all smiles. Use a funny quote or cartoon. The point is to welcome your employees with happiness and to watch them leave also with that same level of positivity and drive.

Third, the colors on your wall mural affect disposition, attitude and performance. Choosing the correct combinations of shades for every space in your office helps maximize its effects. How do you want people to feel when they step into the lobby? Do you want a change of scenary and pace when they enter the pantry? Putting up different types of art and designs on various areas of your workspace helps build transition.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can get from having wall murals for your business. Have you encountered a mural that has made an impact on how your mood for the day? Have you ever seen a design that helped change the course of your decision-making process? There’s plenty of South Florida wall murals that go in-your-face and hit the heart to the core. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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