Signs At Xtreme Action Park Advertise, Entice And Enhance The Experience

Xtreme Action Park, Florida’s largest indoor entertainment venue, turned to Expose Yourself Signs to brand and beautify its expanded facility. Murals, electric signs, way-finder signs, 3D letters and other signage products like those we provided for Xtreme Action Park provide a fresh look and improve the customer experience. Have you visited this attraction recently? And did you notice the role that signage plays in raising the quality of the customer experience?

Signage can be used to advertise products and services, entice customers to make a certain decision or simply help with recognition by displaying a familiar brand or useful words. Signs can also offer directions quicker and more efficiently than even the most attentive staff members – and provide health and safety warnings too. At Xtreme Action Park, signage and graphics do all these things and something else too: They help give the place its unique look.

Exploring Xtreme Action Park’s Massive Venue

Everything about Xtreme Action Park happens on a grand scale. The facility is the state’s largest indoor entertainment complex with bowling, roller skating, go karts, rope courses, escape rooms and more – plus a cafe, sports bar and ice cream. Located at 5300 Powerline Road in Fort Lauderdale, the park is easy to see from I-95 at the Commercial Blvd exit.

Recent Yelp reviews point to how much the place has changed and expanded in recent years and how the venue’s overall design supports the adventurous and fun atmosphere. Reviewers talk about extreme adrenaline rushes, addictive activities and family-friendly fun.

Truthfully, the Xtreme Action Park experience can be a bit overwhelming with so many things to do. Where are the fast go-carts your friend mentioned or those rope courses you heard about online? Which way to the arcade games where you can settle in and beat the machine? We’re pleased that our signage shows the way, enhances the excitement and establishes continuity throughout everything this attraction offers.

Choosing Sign Experts Means A Better Experience

When a company like Xtreme Action Park turns to Expose Yourself Signs, it’s making the smart choice to use signage to make grand ideas even better. At Xtreme Action Park, we provided electrical signs, 3D PVC letters, channel letters, banners, window graphics, custom foam letters, props and more – all designed for enhancing the customer experience in one way or another. See some of what we accomplished and the fun people are having at the massive and amazing Xtreme Action Park on Instagram at xtremeactionpark.

Our work at Xtreme Action Park is an example of the innovative, imaginative and original signage our team can provide at affordable prices for clients across the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond. We’ve made more than 100,000 products for at least 10,000 clients, including Xtreme Action Park, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and other places where you might not know you’re viewing and benefiting from our work.

At Expose Yourself Signs, our team members signed on with us to provide professionalism, creativity and extreme customer service – attributes we turn into positive actions every day and with every client.

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