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Ever wondered how certain new businesses seem to have a huge name for themselves overnight — and without much effort, really? That’s a major scenario that every startup dreams of having. You launch a new brand today, somehow manage to make it go viral online and, suddenly, everyone’s talking about the product all within 24 hours (sometimes less). That can be quite a challenge, not to mention tricky. But, the good news is, it IS possible. Better, it’s achievable.

What makes a brand turn into an overnight success? Is it dependent on that one genius idea? Does it require the financial resources and market reach of a billion-dollar enterprise? Not really. It turns out, all it really needs is creativity.

Understanding Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is basically what consumers know and understand about your brand. This includes familiarity with your logo, general range of products and ads. Deeper awareness covers an understanding of your brand’s goals, vision, history and direction. Brand awareness as a metric is important especially during the early days of your business because that’s what will predict how well the market is receiving you and how you differ from the competition.

What Uniqlo Did

Let’s take the example of Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. Sure the brand produces clothes for all ages and for everyday wear, but so do others. What made it stand out from the rest? Uniqlo took the partnership route to create a positive impression on its goods.

A good example is its tie-up with the New York Museum of Modern Art. The brand sponsored entrance fees every Friday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, thus reaching a market that it otherwise probably won’t encounter using regular advertising channels. Not only that, this gesture generated positive comments that spilled over to social media and the news, gaining it free publicity. Creating brand evangelists is a solid and quick way to get your name out there — and fast.

What Yelp Did

Yelp took its review site to a more relatable by making it more human. Users are asked to create a profile thus lending authenticity and trustworthiness to every comment posted about a restaurant, service or establishment. By building a network of people who share their actual experiences, Yelp became an engaging platform for an exchange of opinions. It also became a reliable go-to site if people want to know more about a place before going to it. At present, Yelp has over 150 million reviews — and the numbers are only growing.

Establishing an emotional bond with your target market and creating a community of engaged individuals creates a positive atmosphere from where your brand can take off. Of course, you need to back it all up with a truly positive experience for your customer — and they will definitely take care of the rest.

In this day and age of social media, it is very easy to go viral online. Just put out a silly, shareable video or campaign and off your brand goes through a network wider than you can imagine. The true test, however, is sustaining this momentum and making sure all the “awareness” created stays positive. But that’s another discussion altogether.

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