Pole Banners: 5 Ways They Help Boost Your Advertising Strategy

Pole banners, also called street banners or lamppost banners, are one of the most popular methods of outdoor advertising today. They are used to announce the opening of a new store, to launch a product or service, inform the public of an update or change, and many more. They are as they sound. Pole banners are made of outdoor-quality materials that are mounted on lampposts or poles. The most common is stretching a piece of tarpaulin across a metal frame and hanging it horizontally or vertically near a store or in an area where the content of the banner applies.

Pole banners are a cost-efficient and reliable element of an advertising strategy. Here are five ways you can take advantage of it for your business.

1. To announce a promo, special offer, or sale

Pole banners are easy to put up and take down, thus making it perfect for announcing short-term promotions or new special items. Banners are printed in different sizes to fit the needs of the announcement and to accommodate the space available. They are made of heavy-duty vinyl or mesh materials that can withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

2. To communicate with customers

Lamppost banners do not always have to be about announcing products and promos. They can also be used simply to greet customers or to wish them good cheer. Have you noticed mall collaterals during the holidays or festivals? Some banners are propped just to wish everybody a happy holiday season or to leave an inspirational message.

3. To direct clients to your business

Lamppost banners can be utilized as directional signs. If you’re new to the community or have recently moved to another location, banner can be set up to tell customers how far or near you are. You can also include other important information, such as your address, contact number or email, and other data that can help them locate you.

4. To welcome clients to your store

If you’ve just opened or launched a new section, banner flags are a practical and affordable way to welcome customers. With well-designed and eye-catching layout, it sets a fun and positive feeling even before your customer steps in.

5. To highlight a product or service

Do you have a new or returning product? Have you added a new service to your menu? Did you update your look recently? Pole banners are a great way to inform the public of these changes. Often, businesses make the mistake of adding to their business but forgetting to let everybody know about it. Pole banners can reach a wider market because they can be placed everywhere across town, compared to just setting up a tarpaulin or roll-up banner at your store front.

The fact that pole banners are made using high-quality materials make them a practical choice for long-term ads. With the right design, your banner ad can remain useful for months to years, thus reducing your need to keep spending rent- and time-dependent marketing collaterals. You can set up a generic banner now and then keep it for the meantime to set-up a special announcement, and then use it again when the duration for that announcement ends.

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