Outdoors Signs 101: Creating Powerful Signages That Get People Coming

Having an outdoor sign made for your business requires a significant investment, so it is important that you do it right the first time. This type of sign is what often convinces people to want to know more about your brand before they have actual, first-hand experience with it. A well-planned and carefully designed outdoor ad can make or break your business

That said, before you finalize an order for an outdoor sign, it is important that you understand the basics of design and placement to maximize its benefits. What types of signs will get people coming to your door?


Effective signs are those that are clear and concise. Because you will be designing for a moving target, meaning, your market are people who are passing or driving by, it has to be quick and solid.

Limit your word count. Experts say a business sign should have a maximum of seven words only to get the best results. It should also contain only the essential information that’s digestible at a glance. That can include your company name, phone number, your slogan, social media handle, website URL or a call to action. Just choose what you want to highlight and the rest of the details can follow when your customer does step in or make a call.

Branding and Design

If you have more than one branch or are posting outdoor signs at different locations, it is important that your design is consistent. This creates customer recall and reinforces your identity. This means using the same fonts, colors, slogans and more although in different sizes and locations. Font choice matters a lot to an effective outdoor sign. It should be a typeface that is solid and easy to read as your market whizzes past. Some of the best fonts for  commercial signages include Futura, Bodoni, Helvetica, and Grammond.

Aside from fonts, capitalization also matters. This might sound minor but studies show that text posted in all caps is more difficult to read compared to a sign with just the right mix of upper and lower case letters. You might be tempted to use all caps because you want to jump out at your audience, but design experts discourage against this.

Once you’ve decided on your text, find the right color contrast that will help your brand stand out but still be easy on the eyes. Remember, your outdoor signage is the first impression your customer will have of you. Make it a positive experience. If you must use images, especially with restaurants, limit the photos to your bestsellers so as not to create confusion. Too many elements in a sign spoils its purpose. Worse, it might turn out to be an annoying distraction from the drivers’ point of view.

There are plenty of local signage services that can help translate your brand’s vision into a powerful design. We at ExposeYourself have a team of design experts that can assist in the creation of an outdoor sign that will not only reflect your brand’s identity clearly but also entice potential customers to come. Do you have questions about your sign’s concept? Give us a call at Miami : 305-386-6999,  Ft. Lauderdale : 954-935-5990,  Palm Beach : 561-300-3576,  Orlando : 407-900-7991

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