New American Lung Association Signage Provides A Breath Of Fresh Air

Refreshing, realigning or rebranding a property can help customers, clients and the general public see it in a new way – a more positive way if you work with a company that can help you do it correctly. When the American Lung Association of Florida wanted to update the look of their simple building, the organization turned to Exposure Yourself Signs for a new aluminum sign, beautiful new window graphics and specialized floor graphics.

Every business can benefit from refreshed graphics and signage. A few simple, affordable improvements can give a single property or an entire company new energy and a tighter, smarter focus. Plus, new signage can help in another way: It can increase visibility. The things we see every day often fade into the background. Something new gets attention.


Evolve Your Brand With Better Signage

Sometimes, an organization evolves to a point where existing design elements no longer represent it well or seem dated. The American Lung Association of Florida is located in an unremarkable small building at 2020 South Andrews Avenue here in Fort Lauderdale. But thanks to the sign out front, you can’t miss it. Signage inside supports the messaging the organization presents to the public and enhances the design of the aging building.

Your company can use new signage to:

  • Refresh, giving your brand bright and colorful new signage to replace old, weathered signs that may not have been very impactful in the first place
  • Realign, to bring multiple locations into a unified design that’s more professional and recognizable to the public
  • Rebrand, giving your properties and perhaps your advertising campaigns a completely new look in an attempt to transform or reinvent it.

Sometimes, companies choose to add new signage to match television, print or online advertising and to increase noticeability for foot traffic that may be passing. Other times, refreshing happens from the necessity of finding something to replace worn or storm-damaged signage. Either way, signage replacement is an opportunity to make a bigger, better impact on the world.


Breathe New Life Into Your Company

At the American Red Cross of Florida, helping people breathe easy is what its dedicated employees do every day. At Expose Yourself Signs, we breathe new life into dull, unremarkable properties with better signage – including aluminum signs, banners, murals and more. We also do bold vehicles wraps, building wraps, illustrated 3D signs, monument signs and just about any kind of signage you can imagine.

If your signage is failing because of age or whether or not serving you well, you can move up to modern new signage and graphics that bring you into the current age and will serve you well into the future. Expose Yourself Signs has created thousands of signs for hundreds of clients, and we look forward to meeting your needs as well.

At Expose Yourself Signs, we can help you breathe new life into your company with eye-catching signage that will set you apart from the competition and help you stand out in your neighborhood.


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