It Is Much Easier To Advertise By Putting A Sign On Your Car

There are many ways to market as long as it fits into your budget. The best way to advertise is using methods that small businesses have used for a long time because most likely these ways are effective. A lot of society nowadays is spent in and around cars; they are very important to our cities and communities anybody who overlooks them is making a big mistake. 30,000 – 70,000 people per day is the range of people that a small business can get just by using a car magnet states the outdoor advertising association of America. If you have a full vehicle wrap, imagine how many people will see your advertising per day!

There are plenty of other places that you can put a sign to be seen, but a car is by far the best advertising. People drive vehicles around all day long; it is a way of life. Vehicle signage will attract way more customers than an average billboard or a sign on the edge of the road.

When it comes to pricing

Even looking at the low end, 30,000 impressions are made each day from vehicle signage. In the end, you will be making a great return on investment! Give yourself time to think about it.
Let’s say on an average a car magnet costs about $50. If you take that $50 and divide it by 30,000, its equal to about $.002 per impression. You can’t beat that! Even if you choose to use the low end of the impressions, you are still making out and getting a good deal! And to top it off the business will be able to use the same sign as many times as needed.

Brand New Marketing

To take down a sign from a billboard this can take a lot of time and money. If you have a vehicle-based sign, you just take the sign off and put on the new one just as easy as that. It will be done in no time and requires very little maintenance if any. New messages and promotions can easily be put on vehicles this way your business can attract more clients.
The other thing that works well is if you would like to put your sign on an employee’s vehicle you can take it off at the end of the day and can put it back on the next business day just as easy as that! This method of changing out signs on vehicles is more convenient and a whole lot quicker.

Different Types of Vehicle Signs

Depending on your finances you can start off small with a vehicle magnet which usually can be purchased for under $50 and can be placed on each door. A lot of businesses will also place them on the back of their truck as well. Expose Yourself USA is a great website to go to where you can create your magnetic signs for your South Florida vehicles.

The other choice is vinyl vehicle lettering. Vinyl vehicle lettering is a more permanent option because it cannot be as easily removed as magnetic signs. It is said that single color and numbers vinyl does not work as well as a vinyl lettering wrap full of a variety of color and branding.

If it is in your budget the best way to go is to have your vehicle wrapped it attracts customers. Also, vehicle wraps last a lot longer and do not wear out as fast. Unfortunately, a full vehicle wrap can cost several thousands of dollars, but on the plus side it stands out on your vehicle. There are other options like a partial vehicle wrap that may cost a little less and still be just as effective. Just go on the internet and request a quote from sign makers in your area like Expose Yourself USA.

It Is Against The Law

Many people are mistaken, but just by placing a sign on your car, you are not entitled to write this off as a business expense. Expose Yourself USA is here to tell you that this is against the law.

On the other hand, you can write off any advertising expenses that you paid for to design the sign, as well as the application of the magnet, wrap, or other vehicle sign. Expose Yourself USA recommends checking with a local tax and money expert near you to make sure that your business is within boundaries of your city, state, and country.
Every reason listed above shows how great vehicle signage can be when it comes to advertising your business and or services. These advertisements are well worth the money. They are the best way to capture somebodies attention and get your small business out there in the local South Florida community. Visit our website for more blog posts similar to this one.

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