Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs

There was a time when electric business signs took so much electricity that this option of marketing was unattainable for most small business owners. Those days are gone thanks to something called LED. There are a lot of advantages to having an electric sign for your Fort Lauderdale, FL business. It makes your business easy for customers to see anytime day or night. Another plus Electric Signs Fort Lauderdale FLis because of all the new technology, you can get pretty creative with Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs. I am going to go through some different options that you have when purchasing a Fort Lauderdale Electric Sign so that you can figure out what type of electric sign best fits your business needs.

  • Fort Lauderdale Channel Letters – These are three dimensional signs or letters that have been fabricated with acrylic or aluminum and are lit by LED or Neon lighting. With this kind of Fort Lauderdale Sign, each letter is usually its own unit and the letters are put together to make one large sign. Fort Lauderdale Channel Letter Signs are offered in a large variety of fonts and sizes. There are also different types of channel letters you can choose from (1) Front Lit channel letters are illuminated only from the front, (2) Reverse Lit channel letters are illuminated only from the back. They are also known as “halo lit” letters, (3) Front/Back Lit channel letters give illumination from both the front and the back of the lettering and (4) Open Face channel letters are only open on the face. You don’t see these as often.
  • Fort Lauderdale Cabinet Signs – These signs are usually box shaped and the lighting is internal. These Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs are usually the most economical of all the electric signs and can be made in various sizes.
  • Fort Lauderdale Pylon Signs – These are large steel structures that have concrete as their foundation. These signs are usually used for larger commercial businesses. They are free standing signs and vary in height.
  • Fort Lauderdale Illuminated Awnings – An awning can add dimension to your storefront and it can also protect your front entrance from bad weather. There are Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs Companymany different size and shapes of a storefront awning to choose from. They are normally made from steel or aluminum and are illuminated using high-output fluorescent lighting. These awnings can just have the business name on them or can have complex graphics added to them. An illuminated awning can really make a statement for a business that is open late into the night.
  • Fort Lauderdale Neon Signs – These signs are actually tubes that have a gas discharge usually it is neon gas which is clear in color and illuminates red and argon gas which illuminates other colors such as blue, green, yellow and white. These tubes of gas have electrodes at each end and when an electrical current is run through them the glass tubes have a steady glow of light. These signs are great because they have extremely high visibility.
  • Fort Lauderdale Electronic Message Centers – This is the Rolex of Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs. The electronic message centers are what you see at sports stadiums all around the country. These LED displays not only can display written messages they can display state of the art graphics. The greatest and the latest of these signs allows for texts, graphics, video clips, and basic animation. You can also choose from multiple fonts and sizes.
  • Fort Lauderdale LED Signs – As I previously stated, gone are the days where you had to have a huge marketing budget to have an electric sign for your Fort Lauderdale business. In the past, electric signs in Fort Lauderdale used a huge amount of electricity and cost more than a small business owner could afford to shell out every month. Now storefront signs can be super cost effective and eco-friendly with the use of LED. LED signs are brighter and more aesthetically appealing. They last longer and don’t contain harmful substances like mercury. Fort Lauderdale LED signs are also very low maintenance.

Fort Lauderdale Electric Signs CompanyThere is so much competition in the Fort Lauderdale, FL business arena that every extra thing counts. Having some type of business sign on your storefront is a necessity for any business. So why not take the extra step and have a Fort Lauderdale Electric Sign made? It makes your storefront stand out. Not to mention if you are open past dark it makes it easier for customers to see where you are located and it can provide a sense of security for customers that are arriving after dark. The other plus about an electric sign for your Fort Lauderdale, FL business is that they are durable and last longer than say typical banner or feather flag. If you are looking to find a quality local sign shop in South Florida, then call us at Expose Yourself USA or visit our Signs section to discover. Let your imagination run wild and Expose Yourself USA will bring it to life, or should we say lights.

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