Fort Lauderdale Custom Wall Murals For The Business Office

There is a growing trend among both small businesses and large corporations to adopt wall murals not just as an advertising tool but to create positive and encouraging working environments for staff. By introducing art to your otherwise plain office walls, you build an atmosphere that promotes productivity.

We see many of these wall murals all over Fort Lauderdale, each with a different goal. For the purpose of this post, we focus on hand-painted murals and movable panels.

One of the main considerations that companies note is mobility. The marketing collaterals must be easy to transport and store, especially if they’re going to be used for trade shows, corporate events and exhibits. Obviously, a hand-painted mural cannot be uprooted and relocated that easily because it is usually done on a fixed wall. Depending on the size of the piece and the branding purpose, a movable panel is a practical choice.

However, on the other hand, if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture in your office, your space will do well with a hand-painted mural. Companies achieve the kind of mood and atmosphere they want out of their work spaces with wall murals that fit with their theme. This is because the art is fully immersed with the rest of the interiors. Movable panels can achieve a similar artistic effect but they will be set up as hanging works of art. If you want to go bold and big, go for wall-painted or wrapped designs.

Here are the key questions you should ask if you’re still deciding which to get.

– How many walls are you decorating and how big are they?
– What is the type of environment that you want to create? What mood are trying to set?
– Is your company active in the exhibit and trade show front?
– Do you plan on reorganizing and redecorating your space every so often?

If yours is the type of office where visual change is part of the business, then movable panels will be a more practical choice. Just make sure the panels you choose match nicely with the existing colors of your walls from where they will be hung. If you just want to establish your environment, wall murals will bring in more benefits.

Whatever you decide, we at Expose Yourself USA can offer a wide range of choices for your customized Fort Lauderdale wall murals and designs. Our team of design experts will be working closely with you so you can achieve decorative and productive solutions for your workspace. Give us a call now.

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