Feather Flags 101: 4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit

One of the most common forms of outdoor advertising is the feather flag. In fact, it has become a staple in most trade shows, fairs and similar events that it can sometimes be a challenge to stand out. In a festival, for example, where there will be thousands of tourists coming, it can be difficult for a feather flag to get noticed amongst the wave of other flags and advertising material all around. How do you make sure that your marketing collaterals make heads turn and get read? It’s all about good design.


The common mistake among feather flag designers is that they think the brighter the flag, the better it is. Sometimes, in the sea of neon greens and yellows, the classic white feather flag with the bold and simple text works the strongest. Some exhibitors go with size and choose the tallest flags and place them high up so their ads can be appreciated from a good distance. Others are less aggressive and cater to foot traffic with modest designs that are positioned at eye level.


These placement strategies work best if all the elements of good design, such as colors, layout, and text, work harmoniously so that your brand is projected properly. If any of these factors fail, your entire feather flag will not get any attention at all. If you are unsure about your design prowess, you can always tap a professional, like our friendly team at ExposeYourself USA, to help you create a feather flag that’s appropriate to your brand, your backdrop, and the event.


Here are 4 ways your business can benefit from having feather flags mounted.


  1. To promote a product, service or brand


For many opportunities, just having your company’s name, logo, or product name is enough. Feather flags are slim and offer limited space for embellishments so keep things concise and direct. The psyche behind printing just your name is that it creates familiarity, even if people haven’t personally encountered your product before. When they see it over and over again, clients will be eased into feeling a sense of trust with your brand.


  1. To provide directions to a venue


Most events use feather flags to tell people where things are and where to go. Again, ensure that your message is clear by posting your brand’s name, where you are and contact details.


  1. To deliver a message


Some feather flags contain just a recognizable logo plus a slogan or a quote. The objective here is to make people curious and have them think, so that your brand remains in their minds long after they’re seen your feather flags. You can print a question, as well, to invite discussion and create a longer-lasting staying power.


  1. To highlight an event or special offer


Feather flags that post the likes of “Clearance sale now” or “Free workshop happening today” have helped businesses gain new traffic created out of impulse and curiosity. Place them outside your store or in the street leading up to where you are located so it serves as a directional sign, as well.


There are plenty of reasons why you might want to put up feather flags for your business. Whether it’s to encourage passers-by to make a instant decision to check you out, to locate a meetup point, or to remember your slogan, logo or brand name for a later purpose, their role in establishing your business to your potential market is definitely powerful. In essence, feather flags are really no different from the other marketing collaterals you make, but their unique format will help you stand out if everybody else is doing the same thing.

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