Does Your Business Need A Billboard? 5 Advantages Of Large Format Advertising

For some brands and businesses, it’s either you go big or go home. Billboard advertising has offered a bold and in-your-face way of marketing to the public in a way that traditional and smaller collaterals cannot. In addition to visibly changing how our cities and neighborhoods look, these large format outdoor ads are transforming the very landscape with live in.


Billboards are a great way to reach a larger number of people and provides an avenue for businesses to access them where they work, live and socialize. TV and radio have a wider mileage, but you can easily turn them off if you don’t want to watch or listen. Meanwhile, billboards are there in hypersized form — and whether you like it or not, when you pass by, you will definitely see it.


Here are 5 advantages of having a billboard made for your brand.

  1. Billboards are free to your target market. Passers-by will no doubt see your large format ad each time they ply that specific route. The best part? They don’t have to purchase anything to see it. They don’t need to buy a newspaper to see your print ad, or buy a cinema ticket to watch your message on the big screen.


  1. Billboards leave a powerful and lasting impression. Because of their sheer size, billboards are hard to miss and this is where your advantage lies. With a good design and memorable image or text, people will retain your message for much longer.


  1. You have a guaranteed audience. Work and school duties will have the same people (and more) passing by the same street every single day. This means you have a steady market who will eventually have your brand engrained in their memories. This repetition creates a sense of trust and familiarity — and will eventually have customers looking for you.


  1. Billboard design is constantly evolving. Nowadays, it’s not just about printing large format graphics on vinyl. We already see digital and interactive billboards getting mounted. More advertisers are also working hand-in-hand with social media to boost customer engagement.


  1. All the big brands are doing it. Nike, McDonald’s, Pepsi are putting up billboards everywhere and this has obviously worked for them. It’s high time you make an investment for your business, too.

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