Custom Business Signs For Your South Florida Business

Custom Business Signs Let People Judge Your Business Before They Ever See The Inside

You’ve seen this common scenario in countless movies and television shows – there’s an old, creepy house in the neighborhood that all the local kids believe to Custom Business Signsbe haunted. They believe this because the house is isolated, dark, and in poor condition. The kids all dare each other to go up to the house, and one brave, though pressured, soul finally inches up towards the door. The door mysteriously opens to reveal a kind, yet lonely old widow who can no longer keep up with her large family home.The kids and the widow all become friends. Does your building resemble the widow’s home, dark and uninviting? If so, consider a new custom business sign for your South Florida business!

Sure, we can all act like we don’t make snap judgments based on initial appearances, but who among us doesn’t feel a little wary upon entering a building that looks like people have never seen the inside? Not that your business is spooky looking, but it may also just look unprofessional or even a tad dingy on the outside. Even if your business is in an industrial area with a bland, metal building, a custom business sign can give your business a makeover that takes your entrance from overlooked to noticeable. And if people have an initial positive feeling about your business based on your custom business sign, then those positive feelings will generally continue throughout their business dealings with you.

Custom Signs With Color Can Improve Your Whole Building’s Appearance

Custom Business SignIf your business is housed in an unattractive building, you’re not alone. After considering many factors, such as affordability, location, layout of interior, you have chosen the best building possible for your business. Sadly, no one asked you to design the exterior. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to improve it. A decorator once said the best exterior makeover you could give your home is simply to paint your front door. You could take her advice, but we recommend going a step further and installing a new custom business sign with eye popping color.

Color does wonders for the human eye – not only are we drawn to it, we tend to associate things with it, making color a memory trigger. Consider bold, contrasting colors for your custom signage. Your custom business sign could use at least two colors, as market research has indicated that people remember custom business signs that use two colors better than those that use just one. Also, I mentioned contrast, this is extremely important in ensuring that your custom business sign doesn’t fade into the background. Contrast, or using dark graphics on a light background or vice versa, allows your graphics to stand out and be read and remembered by passing motorists and future customers. Bold, vivid colors in your custom business sign also give your building a fresh, inviting look, as though something new and exciting is going on behind your doors. So think about what colors best represent your type of business and choose at least a couple for your custom business sign from Expose Yourself USA in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Size Of Your Custom Sign Doesn’t Always Matter

Maybe your advertising budget doesn’t allow you to order a large custom business sign to be mounted on top of your building. That’s okay! You have other custom sign options that will keep your building attractive and not scare away small children or potential business. Have you considered custom business signage that can be hung between two posts in front of your building? What about a simple moderately sized business sign that can be hung on the side of your entrance?

There are choices, as custom signage comes in a large variety of materials suited for the kind of business you own as well as the conditions under which they will be used. Just consult your business sign professional on what you want and what you can afford, and you will have a custom business sign that gives your quality business the attention it deserves.

Remember That People Will See Your Custom Business Signage Before They See You

Don’t frighten away future clients or customers by having and old, outdated custom sign, or worse, no sign at all. Let people know who you are, what you do, and add a little of your personality in your custom business sign. Remember that bright, bold, contrasting colors on your custom signs are essential in maintaining a current appearance for your business, and the size of your sign isn’t as important as the quality of it. If your business needs an exterior makeover, a custom business sign from Expose Yourself USA is the best place to start!

To learn more about custom signs, we invite you to check out our warehouse located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where all custom business signs come with a 5 year warranty! Whether you’re looking for pylon & electric signs, illuminated signs, 3D letters, acrylic signs, real estate signs, or any South Florida custom business sign, Expose Yourself USA is your #1 premier provider of business signage and much more! We invite you to call us at (954) 935-5990 to find out more about our Fort Lauderdale business signs, Miami business signs, West Palm Beach business signs and Orlando business signs. After more than 10,000 satisfied customers and 100,000 professional signs, we know what it takes to make a sign that is both creative and motivating. If you’re looking for a sign company in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area that can turn your ideas into reality, look no further.

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After more than 10,000 satisfied customers and 100,000 professional signs, we know what it takes to make a sign that is both creative and motivating. If you’re looking for a sign company in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area that can turn your ideas into reality, look no further.