Creating Your Storefront Sign: How Good Design Will Help Boost Your Business

One of the longest lasting marketing strategies you can adopt for your shop is investing in a good storefront sign. You pay for the design and its installation and materials at one time but it offers your years, and even decades, of exposure. Even if you have a very good brand, you won’t likely attract first-time customers will a bland looking facade. A well-designed sign goes a long way towards leaving a positive first impression on your target market. It makes your shop a lot easier to find, as well.

Many business owners make the mistake of not paying attention to how their signage looks. Some think that it’s enough to place the store name at the front because, well, your products will speak for yourself, right? Not all the time. While reputation will get people talking about how great your brand is, don’t expect to see plenty of walk-ins.

Here are five tips to get that storefront sign that will lure clients in.

Check local zoning regulations.

Every city has its own set of rules when it comes to putting up signage so what applies to you depends on where you are. If you’re confused about the many do’s and don’ts, our team at ExposeYourself USA can help you decipher the jargon and create an initial design for the local government’s approval. The last thing anybody wants to happen is the rejection of a beautiful sign just because it missed a few guidelines.

Find out what you need and set a budget aside.

What do you expect from your storefront sign? Do you need to make it in a way that matches specific company colors? We can help you make that happen at a cost that you are comfortable with. Some business owners make the mistake of not hiring a professional graphic designer for their storefront and they almost always end up with a hot mess. Our expert team have spent years mastering the design industry and are updated with the latest trends so we can build a frontage that best fits your brand and the direction you are heading.

Check out your competitors’ signs.

Signage will make it easy for customers to find you, so you want it to stand out. Look at the other signs posted on your street and make note of which ones tend to attract foot traffic and which seem inactive. Part of your design process is finding out what looks good in relation to your environment.

Create a stunning logo.

If your sign has space for your logo, then put it out there. Having your logo out front creates better brand recall, so that even if customers do not see your sign, they are familiar with who you are by just looking at your logo. This makes it easier (and cheaper) to market your brand using other strategies, like bumper stickers, vinyl decals, business cards, and more. In addition, know that a lot rests on a well-design logo because it will be representing you everywhere. Be sure that it does speak of your brand in a positive and memorable way.

Make sure your sign is visible and easy to read.

A sign isn’t any good if people cannot see it or understand what it says. Make sure that your storefront sign is easy to view from afar and from different angles. It also helps to make it visible at night. Signs are there to tell people where you are and what you offer, so if people don’t get what yours is for, don’t expect them to come walking through that door.

We at ExposeYourself USA can help you design the best storefront signage that will bring more clients in. Talk our team of designers and marketers so we can get started. Give us a call at _____.

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