Choosing The Right 3D Sign Letters For Your Business

Many business owners choose 3D sign lettering for their signage because of its versatile design. This type of lettering is made of a material that is suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. Being clear and readable, they are an effective choice for helping boost visibility for the business, buildin a brand, and expanding your marketing campaign’s reach.

However, while it is true that 3D signage is versatile, it is also quite tricky to execute. To represent your company, you need a design that is not just clear but also memorable and true to your brand’s identity. That said, it’s not simply about cutting out letter from special material. It requires careful thought and a step-by-step design process, as well.

The type of lettering you choose, the material and style, and the thickness of your sign letters are crucial for an effective 3D sign. Remember that your sign will be what customers will remember you by, even if they haven’t tried your product yet or spoken to you, so make this impression positive. Here are some tips that can help you produce 3D sign lettering that best represents your brand.

1. What type of 3D sign letter are you using?

There are two basic types of 3D lettering. Dimensional lettering is for signs that are not illuminated and can be used for both indoor and outdoor signage. Meanwhile, channel lettering is used for lit or illuminated signs. They are made of 3D letters but are internally made to emit a specific lighting effect. This is particularly effective for storefront or exterior signages.

2. What materials will your signs use?

There are plenty of materials you can use for 3D sign lettering. Plastics are versatile and are usually painted on. These include vinyl, acrylic, plaques, and PVC. Metals are more durable and are attractive for interior signage purposes. These include copper, cast aluminum, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and bronze. Finally, letter foam is made of high-density material and is lightweight.

3. What style will your 3D sign letters adopt?

Depending on the effect that you want to leave with your target market, there are plenty of styles you can play with for your signage. It can be lighted, painted from the front, or back-painted. It can also be made with either acrylic or metal laminates, or plaques. An increasingly popular style for 3D signs is digital printing. This type is suited for stylized and unique signages or if your logo includes intricate details that are difficult to make using traditional methods.

Overall, the type of 3D signage you should use is one that reflects the look and identify of your company. That means paying attention to color, size, material and longevity. Of course, it should be professionally made. Your signage will be the first thing your target customer will see about you, so make that connection count.

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