Billboard Advertising: 5 Rules For A Successful Billboard Design

Roadside billboards are among the most popular ads around the world. And since America is home to a car-loving population, these hypersized print ads are a staple in many marketing campaigns. They can come at a cost, however. Before investing your advertising budget on billboards, you have to know first what makes them succeed. How do you make sure that your billboard gets a positive response from your target market? We present the five basic rules for a sucessful billboard design.

1. Decide on your message

You will be marketing to people inside speeding cars. This means you have to think of a strategy that will hook them in within seconds and have them still remember long after they’ve passed your ad. Because of the very short interaction with your audience, you have to decide what takeaway you want your audience to have. Is it your phone number or website address? Is it the feeling that your fried chicken is just too delicious to look at they have to have it at the next stop? Your billboard’s content should either awaken an emotion, solve a problem, or provide something your market needs.

2. K.I.S.S.S.

Keep it short, sweet and safe. Drivers generally have about 10 seconds of their attention to spare for your billboard. This is much shorter when your ad is on the highway. Depending on the flow of traffic, the driver or the passenger could be glancing at so many things at the same time. Thus, it is important that you make an impact without compromising their safety on the road. A maximum count of 7 words is enough to deliver a powerful message.

3. Don’t afraid to be bold.

That’s what billboards are for. To capture a market’s attention in 10 seconds or less. And because the average person has a short attention span, your billboard has to make a bold statement to be memorable. Don’t hesitate to go big. The larger your font, the more likely the rider will notice your message and get to see it even from a distance (giving him or her a little more time to digest your brand).

4. Play with colors.

Contrasting colors play a huge role in making your message or photo stand out. If you use colors that are too bright, they might be distracting and painful on the eyes, thus defeating your goal of getting attention. Keep your background simple and choose just one photo so your billboard design has a stronger visual impact.

5. Study your location.

A well-designed billboard will be useless if nobody can see it. Ensure that it is facing incoming traffic. Also, inserting an element of fun with quips that are local to the area helps generate word-of-mouth marketing. It sends off the message that you understand your market and are establishing a connection using familiar references.

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