5 Ways You Can Use Fabric Banners For Your Event

A beautifully and professional printed fabric banner can really help a lot in enhancing your event. In addition to being relatively cheap to produce, compared to most other types of signs, these banners have multiple uses beyond advertising. Fabric banners can be used for informative or decorative purposes, as well. We’ve come up with a list of five ways you can benefit from a fabric banner, whether as an individual or as a business.

1. It helps promote your business.

Fabric banners are a great way to announce the opening of a new business, introduction of a new product or a new promotional package. Because of the many options that these banners present, many businesses choose to install and hang them on their premises.

There are plenty of ways to mount a banner. You can ask your banner maker to place grommets on all corners to make it easier to mount up a wall or hang using cords or rope. You can also have the banner made with pole pockets so it’s easier to hang vertically. Because these banners are made with tightly woven fabric, the colors printed on them tend to maintain their richness for a longer time, even when they’re constantly exposed to the elements. Thus, fabric banners are also a great option if you want to print images. They are also reusable and washable.

2. It can help enhance your space.

Fabric banners can also be used as decorative pieces to spice up a bare wall. Many interior designers nowadays are using tapestries and printed fabric banners to make a unique statement for any space. For one, you can use it as a headboard. Simply hang it from a curtain rod and you’ve instantly transformed your room into something more Pinterest-worthy.

What’s more, they are customizable. You can have a graphic designer draw up art that works best with your interiors or use existing photos to match your space. As decorative pieces, fabric banners work well with any home, business or office setting.

3. They can help with reminders and announcements.

Fabric banners have also found their way in schools, churches, public libraries and government institutions. Some are there decoratively while others are used to mount regular announcements, quotes or schedules for everyone to see. Fabric banners with pole pockets make effective tools for quick advertising campaigns or for events. With a generic print, you can even reuse the banners every time the same occasion comes around.

4. They look stunning in sports arenas.

Fabric banners also make beautiful decorations and reminders in a stadium. They can hang from the ceiling, the railings, from ledges and more. You can also hang banners to celebrate championships, display team logos, post motivational messages or highlight star players. Fabric banners have also been prominent in football fields to welcome a team as it makes a grand entrance.

5. They make birthdays, weddings and other special occasions look much nicer.

Add style to any event with a beautifully decorated and printed fabric banner. You can use it as a directional signage for your venue, to send a loving message to guests, to honor the celebrator, or simply to tell people to have fun. There are plenty of ways you can use fabric banners to make your special occasion even more memorable.

Overall, fabric banners are your relatively cheaper option when it come to advertising and decorating. We at ExposeYourself USA have a wide range of templates and custom design choices to build exactly what you need for any occasion (or non-occasion). Let us know what you’d like and we’d gladly make it happen. Give us a call at ____.

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