5 Ways Window Decals Help Boost Your Store’s Reputation

Window decals are a great way to make a statement for your store or to decorate your company car. If your store front doesn’t have any decorations at all, save for your signage, there’s a high chance that would-be customers will choose the more “lively” looking shop over yours. Standing out from the crowd is especially important if you’re a new business. With so many stores possibly offering similar things, just being bright and sunny with your storefront simply won’t cut it. You need to tell people upfront what your shop is about before they even enter.

Window stickers can help call your market’s attention. But because everybody seems to be in a hurry nowadays, your decals also have to reflect the advantages of them stopping and checking you out. The sign that says “1-Day Sale 50% Off Today” will have a bigger impact and will likely bring more customers in compared to just “Big Sale Today.” The objective is to get your market to pay attention and make a purchase.

How can window decals help boost your store? We list 5 ways these stickers can help.

  1. They highlight promotions and sales

While online and print channels can give you tons of exposure, there’s only so much that it can do. To give your advertising strategy a boost, you can use window graphics to showcase special offers and promos. With powerful copy and a stunning design, passers-by will naturally gravitate towards your store because they are intrigued. Placing window decals that announce huge discounts or sales can pull a mere window shopper into your door to, hopefully, buy something.

  1. They build curiosity and boost brand awareness

Getting the market to know your brand and understand what it’s about is important to getting customers now and in the future. You can your logo to be recognizable anywhere they go, so the more places you can display it, the better. Decals will help create brand recall because you can literally stick them anywhere. Place them on car bumpers (with consent, of course) and even people from the next town will likely be familiar with your brand.

Decorating your storefront with artistic decals also builds curiosity. By not being able to see entirely what’s inside your shop, people will want to go inside and find out after seeing your creative display. Increasing your door traffic also increases your chances of landing a sale. It also boosts brand awareness via word-of-mouth marketing because this customer will definitely be telling friends and family of the experience.

  1. They are changeable

Window graphics are efficient because they are not permanent. You can switch them up with new promos, announcements, or designs to give your store a new look. The stickers can also be designed according to the seasons. There are so many creative options to build your brand, advertise products and services, and create a buzz.

  1. They are inexpensive, but the returns are priceless

Compared to other forms of marketing, like billboards or local TV ads, window decals are relatively cheaper to produce. However, don’t think that the low cost will translate to low returns, too. In fact, it’s the opposite. With creatively positioned and designed window decals, you can transform your store from dull to attractive and exciting.

  1. They introduce variety

Because window graphics are changeable, they allow your brand to instantly transform itself depending on the events, or if you just want to change things up. This new facade will give customers that feeling that something new is inside and will encourage them to step back in. In addition, decals are so versatile that they aren’t restricted to just your storefront. Sticking them on your car, on public walls, or announcement boards, and anywhere else you’re allowed, so everybody will know you exist and will want to see what you offer.

Truth be told, it’s often the simplest advertising efforts that make the most impact on customers. Including window decals to your marketing strategy is a wonderful way to help widen your customer base.

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