5 Ways Vehicle Wraps Help Increase Customer Numbers

One of the most effective and economical ways to advertise a business is to go mobile. By that, we don’t mean going online. We are referring to a more traditional method that is often underutilized but is actually very powerful.

Vehicle wrapping, or clothing your vehicle with a colorful theme, has proven itself effective in boosting brand awareness and increasing new customer numbers. You can choose between wrapping your entire car in vinyl with a single theme, or using car accent decals all over to represent several elements. Regardless of your choice, marketing your business using your car is something that you should consider. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Vehicle wraps boost awareness and familiarity

Customers prefer to transact with businesses that they know or at least familiar with. If they haven’t heard of your company before, chances are they will skip doing business with you until they find out more. A vehicle wrap is a great way to boost brand awareness in the community. By driving around with your name plastered across your vehicle, you subtly create a connection with the public.

They might not need your product or service right now, but when the time comes that they do, they will most certainly remember your name or logo after having it repeatedly in different parts of town. You don’t have to always be driving around to make this happen. Even a car parked in a busy location, like near a supermarket’s entrance or at a busy street already puts you one step in the door.

2. Vehicle wraps attract attention

The challenge here is to design a wrap that not only reflects your business but also makes heads turn. A boring vinyl ad will not likely bring in new customers even if you keep driving around, simply because it’s not catchy enough. If you have a graphic that’s visually appealing or a design that’s intriguing, you can reach a wider market because, soon, people will be talking about your mobile ad or even sharing snapshot of it on their social media accounts. Your goal is to attract attention while still being true to your brand.

3. Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to advertise

The exposure a vehicle wrap gets is wider than, say, a vinyl banner or a tarpaulin. Because you can drive your car to any place at any time you want, more people will get to see it, compared to a fixed ad. In addition, some wraps and decals can last up to 7 years, depending on the type of material you use. This makes it an economical and practical choice for advertising. A billboard has a rental period and an expiry date. The same can be said of wall murals, boxlit ads, and more. Because you own your car, you get to decide for how long it will stay.

4. Vehicle wraps help protect your car

In addition to making your car look pretty and marketing your business, wraps also shield it from dings, scratches and dents on the road. When you’re done using it or want to update the graphics, you can easily remove the decals without damage your paint job underneath.

5. Vehicle wraps are customer friendly

Custom vehicle graphics attract people’s attention without interrupting what they are. In short, they are not a hard sell. Customers tend to respond more positively to advertising strategies that are not too in-your-face and aggressive. In seeing your car graphic, people will remember who you are without you stopping them to do so.

A lot of companies spend a good amount of their marketing budget on ads that do not really translate to new clients. A vehicle wrap is one way to help build customer recall, while sending a message to the general public that you exist and that you have X services should they eventually need it. It is also a fun, fast, and pocket-friendly way to advertise.

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