5 Ways To Create Powerful Customized Vinyl Banners


Simplicity and contrast are the two important elements of a powerful vinyl banner design. After all, because these things are exposed to moving traffic, you have only a few seconds to make people turn around and take notice.


Bad design would have them stopping but refusing to take your message in or, worse, ignoring it entirely. If your text is too small, the message will get drowned by the rest of the design. If there’s too many words, people likely won’t bother reading it. There has to be a right balance.


Here are 5 tips to consider when creating a vinyl banner design that stands out.


  1. Work with the right words.


Because vinyl banners have just a few seconds to get attention, you need text that’s meaningful and short. Professional designers abide by the general rule of having less than 15 words on print, or occupying about 3 x 5 of space. The shorter the text, the powerful its impact, so don’t take this part for granted. Even with a meaningul message, if nobody is reading what you printed, then you’ve lost the opportunity.


  1. Mind your font size.


The size of your font will depend on the size and scale of your custom vinyl banner. Generally, the ratio would 10:100. This means that for every 100 feet of visibility, you allocate 10 inches for font height. From what distance will your banner be read? How high is it mounted? These questions matter for the right scaling balance.


If you’re posting the banner on a highway, you will need to consider the speed of the traffic. The faster the driving speed, the larger your font and banner size should be to get attention. If you’re posting along park walkways, you can work with smaller banners because people walk a lot slower.


  1. Consider the backdrop.


Where you will be posting the banner matters to your design. Will it be against a brick wall, a hedge, a temporary fence, or floating? The colors and fonts you will use should incorporate the backdrop so it stands out and gets noticed. For example, if you’re mounting it against a busy backdrop, a thick black or white border will help you message float forward.


  1. Play with contrasting colors.


This is where many designers make a mistake. Some think that simply creating a contrast works every time. To make your vinyl banner distinguishable with seconds, choose color combinations that create a strong impact but are still easy on the eyes. Examples include white on blue and black on white.


  1. Maximize exposure with double-printing.


The goal of vinyl banners is to get as many people to pay attention as possible, so why not experiment with double-sided designs to also double your exposure? This makes your ad visible to traffic moving in either direction.


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