5 Tips To Create A Powerful Front Signage For Your Retail Store

There are just too many bad and laughable store signages going viral online; and while sharing them is fun and good for conversation, surely you don’t want to be one of them. Setting up a front signage for your retail store is not just about getting some text hypersized and installed. It requires careful thought, professional design, and a good understanding of your business.

Your signage is what customers see first when they pass by your store. How they feel when this first impression drops will determine if they will decide to enter your shop or keep going and not give you the time of day. Thus, you must pay attention to how your signage looks and the kind of feeling it evokes in anybody who sees it. Simply put, a good and powerful signage will almost always translate to actual sales.

So, what should you do to make a compelling sign for your retail store? Here are 5 tips.

1. Keep it short and to the point

With so many new technologies and with the Internet taking up most of our wakeful moments, our attention spans have also considerably shortened. People are either on their phones or rushing off to somewhere that print advertisers have just seconds to get their attention. This is why your signage should be less than 5 words or, if possible, just one meaningful and powerful word.

2. Make it memorable

Because customers are busy and in a hurry, you will need a sign that is easy to remember. McDonald’s “M” sign is recognizable even from afar and people know what is represents. Play with colors, contrast, and font style and size so that the resulting sign is something that people will easily picture in their minds way after they’ve viewed your actual sign. If they always remember it, the more likely they are to want to find out more by either searching for your business online, asking friends, or calling.

3. Be personable

Slogans and taglines are reinforcements to your logo. Often, this is what people remember about you. A great examples is Nike’s “Just Do It,” which accompanies almost every piece of printed marketing made about it. Here’s another example. Let’s say you have a beauty salon. A good sign would be the likes of “We’ll make you a star!” or “Tame your curly hair with us!” The inclusion of “you” and “your” makes your sign relatable, as if a real person or friend is talking to them.

4. Give it a test run

You can’t just go with the first signage design that pops into your head. Also, remember that what you see on the printout sample or the computer render will not how it looks in real life. Come up with a prototype and test the display to see how it looks against your store, the area, and if it will actually get any attention. Have friends of family pass by and see how your sign looks from afar. If nobody understands it, or don’t get the point of your signage, it’s time to edit or change.

5. Have fun

Making a signage for your retail store is a fun activity. Expect to see many samples and go through plenty to edits first before you finally land the final one. Treat this as a productive experience to grow and learn more about yourself and your company. Also, remember that nobody really is interested in finding out more if your sign is boring. Get creative, play with design, but make sure the message is clear.

Creating a memorable sign is one of the most exciting parts of setting up your retail shop. By taking heed of these 5 tips, you are well on your way to product that one great sign that will define yours business. If you’re still not sure about what works best for your shop. You can always get in touch with our team of experts at ExposeYourself USA for design advice. Give us a call at _____.

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