5 Signage Ideas That Will Improve The Attendee Experience At Events

What is an event without a signage? While this is one of the most basic elements of any event, it can wreak havoc of everything you’ve worked so hard for if you get it done wrong. Without a clear and straightforward sign that guides attendees where to go or what to expect, things can spiral out of control in instant.

Signage doesn’t always have to be directional. Since they are highly visual, it offers organizers plenty of opportunities to market your own brand (or your sponsors’). The trick is to create a sign that not only catches attention, but also delivers the message clearly and creates a strong enough impact to be memorable days or weeks after the event has passed. Here are five ways you can use signages to boost the attendee experience at your next event.


Barriers or fences are a great place to install signage or branding information. Aside from marketing your brand or sponsor, these things also help make lining up less boring because people get to read something or view photos while standing in line.

Graffiti on walls

This is a unique and potentially unforgettable way to display your brand’s information. You might want to consider partnering with a local artist to establish a connection with the community. With the right artwork, attendees will find a place to take lots of pictures to share on social media. That said, be sure it includes your event’s title, your official hashtag, social media handles, SnapChat QR code, and the like.

Stair wraps

This is a pleasantly surprising way to market a brand or deliver a message. Who would think they would still read something while going up the escalator or the stairs, right? It can also be a way for your event to be remembered later on. Aside from branding, stair wraps can also have a directional purpose.


You can place event information on tabletops or printed on chairs. Remember the KitKat bench at parks? That’s one great example of signage on furniture.

Natural landscape

If your event is being held outdoors, you can maximize the landscape to complement your sign. For example, you can place your sign between plants or utilize trees to hide unsightly poles.

To determine the best placement for your event signages, you need to simulate a walk-through of the attendee experience from start to end. Seeing it from their point of view will give you a better idea of where they might look if they need information or what might help them have a more positive feeling while walking around. For example, when they register and pick up their tickets, what will it be like for them? What if they want to attend pocket seminars within your larger conference? Where can they get their freebies and information booklets? The right signage will ensure that traffic flows smoothly and continuously.

Event signages are essential to these areas: entrances and exits, restrooms, food and drink vendors, lines, registration booths, gadget charging stations, and customer service counters. If your event has an official hashtag, you can hang signs with that all over the place, as well. Do you need help with your signage options and designs? Our expert team at ExposeYourself USA can help! Get in touch with us at (954) 935-5990.

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