5 Pro Design Tips You Should Follow For Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a popular choice among business owners and trade show exhibitors. Not only are they cheap to produce, they are highly effective in attracting foot traffic and generating interest. A well-designed banner helps you establish a professional impression for your brand. In an environment where there will be plenty of companies competing for the market’s attention, this advertising tool is a cost-effective way of introducing yourself to the public and enticing them to want to learn about you more.

However, as with any marketing tool, how effective it is at attracting your market will depend largely on its design. This is why you should never take it for granted. At a trade show, for example, people will be walking around and browsing different products and services on display. Your goal is to get them to stop walking and start talking to you to find out more. Here are five elements of a good retractable banner design.

  1. Use contrasting colors and clear fonts.

Use a light background for dark colored text, or vice versa. If you use related shades for the elements of your ad, it will look like one block of color from afar and will not make any sort of impact. Worse, it will drown out your message, making the entire effort useless. Your banner is also not the place to show off curly fonts. Use bold and simple text that is easy to read. This way, even as your audience is still approaching from meters away, he or she already gets what you are about.

  1. Use high-quality images.

A picture says a thousand words. Even with just a few descriptions, high-definition images can help convey your message to your audience. Powerful photos can get people to pause and contemplate — maybe even get that brochure you’re handing out or actually talk to you. Take note that how your images look on the monitor might not be the same when they’re finally printed. Use at least 300 dpi photos saved as CMYK and ready for printing.

  1. Position your logo at the top.

This helps create brand recall. If your audience is in a rush to attend a mini seminar, by simply passing by your booth and seeing your remarkable logo, you make an imprint of your brand in his or her mind. An logo that’s unique and easy to remember can generate return visits. If not, your target market will recall who you are easily the next time they see you.

  1. Content should be displayed from left to right.

People naturally read from left to right, so this is how you should deliver your banner’s content. Make it easy for people to read and understand your design. Making your market work for it creates an impression that you’re complicated to deal with. You don’t want that, at all.

  1. Don’t forget to include how customers can reach you.

No matter how good your design is, it won’t translate to a sale or a deal if customers don’t know how to reach you. Include your phone number, website URL, Facebook page, email address, and more.

The good thing about retractable banners is that they suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Because the banner stand set is mostly made of aluminum or metal, plus vinyl, it can stand up nicely to sunlight and windy or rainy weather. By strategically positioning your banner at places that will get plenty of exposure, you not only build a positive impression for your brand but also increase your chances of making a sale.

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