5 Common Wall Design Mistakes That You Can Totally Avoid

Walls play a great role in adding character and style to your home provided you have the right mix of art, furnishings, and colors. Although they are largely there to either create partitions on a space or to provide privacy, they soon turn dull and boring if left bare. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your interiors by just jazzing up your walls — and you won’t even need to spend so much on renovations.

However, many homeowners often lack the know-how in terms of aesthetic decor so instead of creating a region of beauty, they end up with walls that are look dark and stuffy or over-the-top. If you can’t hire an interior decorator for now, there’s still hope for your walls. Here are 5 common wall mural design mistakes that you should totally avoid.

  1. Wrong wallpaper

Although wallpaper is a cheaper and less stressful alternative to paint, the wrong choice of print or color can turn your space into a design nightmare. Although it will be serving its purpose in the background, you have to consider your furniture, decorations, roof, and flooring choices to create a well-balanced space. You may have a nice collection of items but if your wallpaper doesn’t help maintain the harmony, everything will fall apart.

  1. Wrong curtains

Your choice of curtains is crucial to the rest of your interiors. Choose one that’s too dark and heavy and you space will feel stuffy. Choose the wrong color or print and it becomes visually painful. Note that not all rooms need curtains to harmonize. There are also types of curtains that do not use fabric and, instead, make use of vinyl blinds or the like. As a general rule, decorators say that no furniture should be positioned below a window with curtains so as not to cause a visual break.


  1. Too much of the same color

Although sunny yellow is a nice color that can help add vibrance and life to your room, having too much yellow in one space is tacky and excessive. Use an elegant mix of colors to create a well blended space. For instance, if you have yellow colors, stay away from yellow curtains, yellow furniture and yellow wall decor. An overdose of just one color will stifle your atmosphere.

  1. Too many elements

It’s exciting to apply different design elements and art to your walls but these, too, have to work together peacefully. Some households make use of wall decals and stickers to jazz up a bare wall, but make the mistake of putting too many elements to end up with a cluttered mess. Choose one main focus for your wall mural and then just use others to complement it. If you have plenty of strong designs, use them for other spaces in your home. Don’t bunch them all up in one location.

  1. Too many textures

This is a common mistake with wall murals. Your walls should be in harmony with your flooring and your ceiling. It’s all right to be playful with your prints but don’t place too many of them in one space. For example, if you have floral walls, don’t pair it with stripes.

Wall murals are a viable alternative to transforming your home’s look, but the wrong choices can ruin everything. If you need help deciding on the right types of murals for your space, whether for the home or the office, you can get in touch with our team of experts at ExposeYourself USA for advice and installation assistance. Designing and mounting wall murals make us excited so give us a call now at ______.

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