5 Ad Design Tactics That Get Customers’ Attentions

Technology has brought in new ways for consumers to see and appreciate advertisements, with many now preferring to go mobile or online. While the trend towards digital marketing is growing, nobody really can beat the power and influence of a good and simple design. Whether you’re creating a graphic for mobile or for print, the basic elements of a powerful ad remain the same.

In a survey of over 500 small business owners in the US, it was revealed that 64 percent of entrepreneurs in the age range of 18 to 34 years (or the “millennials”) see graphics and signage as very important. Meanwhile, those aged 55 years and older (or the “baby boomers”) find simple and minimalist designs to be more powerful. Indeed, how a design comes across to a consumer depends on their personal orientations. As a business, your first task is to identify your target market and go from there.

Here are three important design rules that all enterprenuers should follow, whether they are making posters, banners, billboards, brochures, flags or digital ads.

1. Size

The basic rule is this: the larger the fonts, the easier it is for your target market to read it. This is particularly true if you’re making a billboard or a roadside banner or flag. People who are on the road (driving or commuting) have only a few seconds to notice and appreciate your design, so give them something that will turn heads and stick.

Ideally, letters should be 10 feet for every inch of letter height. Thus, if your ad will be viewed from a distance of 100 feet, the text should be 10″ high. Typefaces also matter to readability. It’s very tempting to put up curly script and unique fonts, but if you’re going for impact, choose the ones that are clean, streamlined and simple.

2. Play with color

A well-planned design has a lot to do with the colors you use. Take the example of McDonald’s yellow or Pepsi’s blue. Color is what often defines your brand and gives it its identity, so that even from a split-second glance people know it’s you.

Trendy and bold colors are tempting to use. There are business owners who feel that using unique hues will help bring out their modern personality and connect with their market better. While this is okay, extra care should be taken to make sure that the colors you choose don’t eventually create a bad impression on your brand. Today’s trendy shades might turn into eyesores tomorrow, so be wary.

3. Understand the value of contrast

Majority of signs will have text or images in the background plus a continuous color. It is important to establish a solid contrast between these two so that your target market will remember your ad long after they’ve seen it. A good example is a dark colored text on a very light background, or vice versa. Make your text pop by playing with light and dark colors. Don’t place both bright shades on top of each other. Another tip to make designs pop is to add a border around the letters as this will also help boost reading speed.

The goal of every designer is to create marketing collaterals that make people took to look, and then read and internalize. You can get more out of your traditional or digital signage by sticking to the basics. It’s all right to be experimental, but their foundation should be solid. Need more advice on what makes a powerful design that’s unforgettable? We have an expert team at Expose Yourself USA who will be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us at Miami : 305-386-6999,  Ft. Lauderdale : 954-935-5990,  Palm Beach : 561-300-3576,  Orlando : 407-900-7991.

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