4 Ways To Make Your Monument Sign Stand Out & Capture Your Market

It’s an exciting time to be a consumer nowadays because of the many brands that are trying to get your attention and please you. Particularly at malls and shopping complexes, we see plenty of store signs each with its own way of getting you to look. The challenge for the entrepreneur is to stand out so the customer decides to enter your store instead of the others’. If you’re considering a mall or monument sign for your business, there are creative ways to avoid getting drowned out.

A monument sign is a freestanding element that lies low on the ground. These usually contain masonry elements, but not all the time. It can also be made to look like stone work but just crafted out of foam materials. This type of signage often conveys a solid and powerful effect on consumers and this is why it is the signage of choice of many companies in the services and tech industry. If you have extra space on your property, you can set up a monument sign to deliver a more solid and stable impression of your brand.

Here are four things you should consider when setting up your monument sign.

Consider the environment.

Where your monument sign is located is just as important as its design. The goal is to stand out, not to blend with the environment. Take a look at how your sign will likely look from afar and confirm that it’s not getting drowned out. If your sign shares a space with other brands, see how the others designed theirs and figure out what colors and fonts you can use for yours to float above everything else. If the other signs use light colors, then you will do well with a dark colored background to make a strong impression.

Pay attention to position and size.

How big your sign will be and where it is positioned matters in trying to get your target market’s attention. Generally, people read from top to bottom or from left to right. To optimize your sign’s effectiveness, opt for the prime space. If it’s no longer available, then you can use contrast to stand out.

Maximize the rules of contrast.

Images with a high contrast get more attention because not only are they visible from afar, they also naturally attract the eyes. Using light fonts against a dark background or vice versa is a good example of this design element. You can also succeed in this by choosing bolder fonts and instead of those sleek and slim-lined variants because they play better with almost any background. Plus, bold fonts will boost your message’s visiblity and get your message across more quickly and easily.

Simplicity is key.

When Leonardo da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, that cannot be any more true. Many people think that simple does not equate to impact, but it’s actually the other way around. In a world where there are just too many signs and everyone’s trying to be creative and stand out, often, being unassuming and just simply straightforward is the strategy the works best. Let’s face it. Everyone’s too busy these days to stop and digest everything he or she sees. A simple monument sign will save the customer from having to understand your message and just delivers the brand straight up.

Overall, when it comes to monument signage, the key is to get your target market’s attention. With the many signs and announcements plastered everywhere, it can be difficult to stand out and there are many elements that you need to consider. Our expert team at ExposeYourself USA can help you choose the best type of monument sign for your business and assist you with creationg and installation requirements. Get in touch with us at _____.

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