4 Ways Building Wraps Can Help Boost Your Business

These days, when there are just so many brands competing for a customer’s attention, marketing strategists are finding fresh and novel ways to make an impact that translates to a sale. Efforts range from the tried-and-tested traditional methods to the out-of-the-box and unexpected. This how the building wraps came to be. Lending credence to the expression “go big or go home,” building wraps are proving to be effective in making heads turn — provided you do it the right way.

As with many other types of printed advertising, a building wrap needs a good design to be effective. These storeys-tall graphics and images offer an in-your-face approach to advertising — and the market seems to like it. By using powerful photos, bold contrasts, and a strong message, building wraps can literally hypersize a story to help establish a brand as a market leader.

Here are four ways building wraps can help position your business above the competition.

Building wraps reach a wide audience.

The bigger the wrap, the more people can see it. Because they will literally be hugging buildings and large structures, they cover a larger demographic that spans various ages, nationalities, and genders. While some ads are targeted towards a specific market profile, their size gives them a bigger chance to turn heads and get attention than other types of advertising platforms.

Increased brand awareness.

Wraps are meant to stay on buildings for an extended period so they become a constant reminder for everyone who passes by them regularly. In some cases, building wraps can stay on for as long as 20 years. In fact, it’s become like a building’s official “clothes” that the message of the ad becomes part of people’s daily routines. They might have become accustomed to it and barely notice it after a while but you can rest assured the message has stayed. This subconscious condition is what makes people recognize your logo or your brand even if they’re somewhere else.

High market responsiveness.

The main goal of every ad or marketing campaign is to gently push the customer into buying. Building wraps have the power to motivate the market to purchase something right then and there. For example, by highlighting a product on the wrap, people will naturally want to buy that one over the others they’re not very familiar with. Pair the intention with eye-catching graphics and a strong call-to-action to get the response you want as the business owner.

They last long.

Building wraps are meant to weather the heat of the sun, wind, constant rains, and some even storms. The material by which they are manufactured is designed to last for months to years. This is because mounting a large design on a building is big work. Add that to the fact that whatever graphics or design you apply on there should not fade after just a few months. This is why many business owners choose to use designs that stand the test of time, so they don’t have to keep changing the narrative.

While building wraps are still a traditional form of advertising, which means they’re not as far-reaching as online ads, their appeal and impact remains powerful and effective. Their role in generating sales and raising customer numbers cannot be discounted. In fact, even the largest corporations now still use building wraps as part of their wider marketing campaign. So should small business owners do that same thing.

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