3 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit From Printed Wall Graphics

Printed wall graphics, by their sheer size, can help get the message across to a large number of people at the same time. Similar to a big projector screen, large format wall graphics show off your brand in exterior spaces. They can also help build mood and ambience in interior environments through a variety of designs.

There are different types of wall graphics, some of them are printed on vinyl and mounted on walls, while others are expertly painted directly on them. Various materials are available to accommodate different adhesion requirements, depending on their location and wall textures. There are adhesive formulas that allow for permanent installations, while others guarantee that your ads will be up for months and some for just weeks. Other special adhesive materials can be removed and repositioned immediately.

For permanent installations, you will want to work with commercial grade wallpapers. The same goes for gloss or matte vinyl materials. For temporary or semi-permanent installations, you can work with photo-tex material. All these can be reinforced with gloss, luster and matte laminates for extra durability.


How Your Business Benefits From Large Format Wall Graphics


  1. It helps create an “experience” for your clients.

Offices in the past made do with bland-looking walls with barely anything but a clock and time keeper on them for employees to monitor. Fortunately, in the present, corporate environments have started to recognize the role of ambience and atmosphere to worker productivity. Many offices now put something “extra” with their interiors. Be it an interesting piece of furniture, a dedicated place to take a break and rest, or a redecorated wall that’s easier on the eyes.

Installing wall graphics not just makes your space look prettier, it also helps create a positive mood for your staff. If you have a store, well-planned graphics can translate to an unforgettable user experience. In short, when people like being in your office or store, the more likely they are to perform better or buy something.


  1. Wall graphics enhance your exteriors

As much as window displays help invite customers into a store, so do wall graphics. When used as part of your facade, a well-crafted design can help curb appeal and encourage people who would otherwise not stop to want to find out more about what’s inside. It allows your business to stand out from the other local shops in the area.


  1. They can feature a different you each time.

Because many of the materials used on such wall graphics are of the semi-permanent type, you have the freedom to change your store’s look every now and then. Your facade could depend on the season, the celebration or your ongoing promotion. You can also arrange for it to highlight a different product or service every few months. You will want wall graphics that not only make your space look enticing, but also communicate a positive feeling.

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