Take Your Advertising Tactics To A Whole Different Level

We spend a good portion of our day outdoors, whether it’s going to work, or school/college etc. Since we spend most of our time outside while going from place to place, we find ourselves exposed to all sorts of advertising, a sizable amount of which is made up of OOH (out-of-home) advertising. Due to the unique nature of outdoor advertising, it can be used to support a number of marketing campaigns that are carried out across multiple platforms. But, the success of your advertising tactics will depend mainly on how it is used. To that extent, outdoor advertising can either be the source of a major boon to your business, or could have the opposite effect on your brand. Using printing collateral in the form of banners is one of the most sure shot ways of getting the attention of your audience, without having to spend an arm and a leg. It is also a great way of getting eye catching banner designs that can be placed in different locations, ensuring that more people are able to view your product or service.

Outdoor Guerilla Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways of using outdoor banner ads is by a technique known as guerilla marketing, which is unconventional, yet highly effective when it comes to helping your brand get the attention it deserves. This can range from hiring a banner design company to come up with creative banners that can be placed at non-conventional places where people would least expect them, or by getting banners custom designed in various sizes, which will increase the likelihood that the information on your banner will be absorbed by the most people.

As a Supplemental Strategy

Expose Yourself USA Advertising TacticsOutdoor banners do not need to be your only way of advertising, but can be used alongside other advertising efforts to enhance your marketing reach. These days, outdoor banner ads are also being used in a supplemental capacity because of its unique format and scalability. While using banners or billboards may not seem like the best idea for relaying long and complex ideas, outdoor banners and billboards are perfect for short, to-the-point ads that slant towards the creative side, while still delivering on its promise of providing the viewer with enough information and inspiration that could lead to a sale. In this way, using banner ads and billboards are ideal for supporting and reinforcing more complex marketing campaigns. Furthermore, banners are a great way of strengthening a brand’s online presence as well.

No Need To Wait By The Phone

It is important to note that outdoor banners can also be used as a long term marketing strategy and not just a one-off, whenever your business wants to advertise its involvement in a local event. The idea here should be to somehow, embed your brand in the mind of the consumer via a prolonged exposure to your company’s logo and brand message. While a straightforward call-to-action may not be the right way to go when it comes to banner ads, they can be used to build a company’s profile and increase its recognition by simply making the consumer aware of its presence.

Banner Placement

When it comes to banner ads on websites, a simple A/B test can reveal where the banner is most likely to get the most views. But, what about banners that are used in outdoor advertising? To ensure your outdoor banners are viewed by most people, always use banners at multiple locations, rather than just sticking to one particular area. While you can make sure that the banners are strategicallyExpose Yourself USA Advertising Experts placed on road sides and parks, banners can also be placed at the train station, or bus shelter, or even on the side of a bus, instead of just on the traditional billboard. Don’t forget the malls, city centers and on the way to the airport are just some locations where your banner is going to get the most attention.

Sales Activation

Keep in mind that a banner that is seen by only a million people once will do little for your business as compared to a banner ad that is viewed by a million people multiple times a day. This build-up will ultimately lead towards a stronger and deeper feeling towards your brand, as well as a long lasting desire to purchase the products or service you offer, regardless of the price.

Tone it Down

This may sound like the opposite of what you should be doing when it comes to advertising. But, the idea behind it is actually very simple. If people are driving their car or on a train, there will only be a small window for your banner that’s at the side of the road to make an impact on them. This is why you need to make sure that the banner’s message is short and to the point. In other words, no need to make your banner ad too colorful or complex for the viewer. To get one’s idea across succinctly, stay away from using many colors and an all-out visual assault on the viewer. Anything that is included in the banner should only take a few seconds for the viewer to absorb, and nothing more.

Bottom Line

Expose Yourself USA Work HarderOut of the many advertising and marketing mediums that are available, outdoor banners remain to be one of the most effective, despite among the oldest of marketing mediums. This is mainly because of its ability to adapt through the years and use more and more creative ways to convey a message across to the audience, that has helped it remain a viable and affordable option for advertising. Despite the increase in popularity of digital marketing and social media, printed banners still remain to be a popular marketing tool, regardless of a company’s size or industry. Printed banner ads are easy to design and are inexpensive to produce. Furthermore, printed banners are ideal when it comes to spreading the word of your brand, in a way that is creative and appealing to an audience. If you feel that you do not have the artistic skills required to come up with compelling banner ads, then there are many options for getting professional printed banners at affordable prices delivered right to your doorstep. Call Expose Yourself USA today at (954) 935-5990 to get started!


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