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A lot of times the chain copy stores around Fort Lauderdale, FL only offer unimpressive presentations and blah business cards.

There is nothing worse than when someone asks, “Can I have your business card?” and you hand them a beat up piece of rectangle paper with off-set printing. That is quite embarrassing, indeed. Most of the time you get junk from the big copy store guys – you know, like ones owned by a shipping company. Who better to make you a set of biz cards or a display for an important meeting than some company who delivers boxes, right?

Nothing against international shipping, but your company is unique and ALL your marketing material has to match that. Sure, some people say business cards don’t matter, but they’ve never had one worth worrying about. It’s all about creativity meeting ability. Some Fort Lauderdale print shops have it, some clearly do not.


The Best Fort Lauderdale Print ShopThere is a good handful of local – maybe you call them mom n’ pop – places that do great work – far beyond what you’d ever expect. These companies pay so much attention to detail that your marketing pieces are more like artwork – usable, tangible works of art. Now, let’s not oversell anything here, these things are just advertising swag for your business. They’re not, like, living breathing employees or anything. But, wait… these paper flyers, these custom biz cards, these laser printed advertisements with your logo splashed all over them clearly do have their purpose – and that’s landing you more clients.

Clients who will be handed a stack of cards with random names of businesses and pushy salespeople all clamoring for their business, or is it just the money they want? Doesn’t matter. They will ultimately go with you because you chose a local printing shop who custom tailored all your marketing materials to make them look unique, one-of-a-kind and wholly different from the competition. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? To be set apart from the rest. Expose Yourself USA – the #1 premier Fort Lauderdale print shop is doing just that for our clients!


You don’t have to go with the bigger chains – their prices aren’t much lower anyways, but their quality and workmanship certainly can be. A local printing establishment is like an old world cobbler, sculpting a pair of shoes until they look great and wear well. That’s what your business needs. A great look that also lasts. Something that sticks with people long after they meet with you.

You know most people throw away a business card they’ve received minutes after they get it. Why? Well, they already have three others from companies they do the same thing. And they’re all ivory cardstock with black lettering.

Be different. Let a local Fort Lauderdale print shop help make you stand out.


Businesses might think that choosing a good local Fort Lauderdale printer is an easy task to accomplish, but most will be surprised. The truth is that finding one that can provide your business with quality printing, whether from litho printers or not, is a serious matter, as choosing the wrong one could have a major effect on your business. The following are a few simple criteria that you should look for when you are ready to choose a local printer:

The Quality of Print: According to a company that specializes in post card printing in New York City, your business requires documents that are professional in appearance. Each document you give out is going to represent your Local Fort Lauderdale Print Shopbusiness and you must have high standards. Before you choose a printer, be sure that you see samples of what their capabilities are and what they have set for standards. Many businesses often go with the lower-cost, but if the quality is not up to scratch, your business will pay the price.

Green Certification: It is also important that you consider the effect your printing will have on the environment. By choosing a printer that is concerned about their own carbon footprint, you will be able to assure your own customers that your business is concerned about the environment. A lot of business may endorse themselves as environmentally friendly but are not officially.

Take a Tour: A tour of the facility is going to give you a much better idea of their printing policies. Prepare yourself to ask them a lot of questions about the process, as you want to be sure they are knowledgeable and would be able to handle your own printing needs. Get samples and see which type of printers they are using and whether they are environmentally friendly.

Meet with Your Business Representative: One of the biggest concerns facing businesses today is not getting quality service when they choose a printing service. If an issue arises, you want to know that your business will be taken care of properly and professionally. Understanding exactly how your own account is going to be managed is extremely important, as it could have a great effect on your own service to others.

Research the Company: Along with meeting with the Fort Lauderdale printing company before you make your selection, you will want to be sure to do your research. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start, as you can verify if the company has received complaints and see how they were handled. With this, ask other businesses in Fort Lauderdale, FL who they use and whether or not they are satisfied with the quality of printing and the customer service they receive from local Fort Lauderdale print shops.

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