Don’t Do it Yourself Hire a Professional Wrapper

Really? Those professional wrap installers charge way too much. It’s just vinyl that sticks, how hard can it be? I got this. There are plenty of reasons why there are professional car wrappers. Here are a few of the reasons.

Experience in the field

Professionals have been practicing for many hours to learn what they know. They have used tons of vinyl in their careers while doing this type of trade. They have used plenty of squeegies and tools to push, pull and tighten a lot of films. Becoming a professional does not happen easily nor does it happen overnight. Many hours of trial and error and practice have been put into learning this profession. If it looks easy, it’s because of the amount of time that professionals dedicated to learning this trade.


A professional wrap installer only needs to do a small amount of work to know if the wrap is going to lay right or not. One stroke will show an experienced vinyl installer such as the team at Expose Yourself USA whether it is laminated or not. Professionals have a lot to learn when it comes to wrapping a vehicle. They need to learn how to wrap the bumper, the doors, and the seams. It is not as easy to do as people think. There is a lot to be learned before jumping into wrapping your vehicle on your own. That is why there are professionals to do it for you.


There are a ton of different certifications that professional wrappers can obtain. In order for the professional to take the two-day in-depth test, they are tested on knowledge of the shop and equipment. Not only is the test written, it’s hands-on as well. Professionals are given a chance to show their skills that they have acquired over the years. The UASG – United Application Standards group makes the professional have three years of experience before they are hired. The PDAA Master Certified shows install techniques as well as overall film knowledge. These certifications are not easy to get; the individuals work very hard to obtain them.

Equipment:  Tools and equipment for their crews can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars because they are specialized tools. Many tools are needed to do the project such as squeegies, rollers, holders and much more. The people that are very dedicated to their work have invested a lot of money in this trade.

Professional vinyl vehicle wrappers like the team at Expose Yourself USA may make their job look easy, but it takes many man hours to learn what they have learned. This kind of work does not come easy; it takes a lot of work and focus. So you think you can do it yourself? There is a lot more to it than you think when it comes to a well done vinyl vehicle wrap installation.

Expose Yourself USA is the #1 premier source for 3M Certified Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in South Florida. We service Fort Lauderdale, Broward and the greater Miami area. Before you purchase your next South Florida Vinyl Vehicle Wrap, call us at Expose Yourself USA. All of our vinyl wraps come with a 3M Certified 10-Year Warranty.

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